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Go Inside a Cheater’s Mind

Cheating has become the proverbial lament heard around the world and often leaves women broken and men shrugging their shoulders, declaring, "It's just the way I am. It's in my DNA." With its expert author team primed to out-wit even the sneakiest sleezeball, The Cheat Sheet uncovers the entanglement of infidelity with tools as simple as quizzes and as versatile as GPS systems. Each chapter reveals true infidelity stories, common cheating excuses and exposes the cheater's thought process and patterns. Readers will learn how to catch a cheat in the act; which rules cheaters live by; how to deflect a cheater's advances; how to forgive; and when there's no choice but to forget and move on. The Cheat Sheet teaches readers to recognize cheating, catch cheaters red-handed, and ultimately find a relationship that will make them happy for a lifetime.
"It’s not just a book for women – men will learn valuable lessons as well."
- Matt Grant, ABC’s “The Bachelor” and Humanitarian Activist

"We make a great team!"
~ Rea Frey & Stephany Alexander"

"The Cheat Sheet is an excellent how-to guide to prevent and uncover cheating – every woman’s secret weapon."
~ Tommy Habeeb, Former Producer & Host of "Cheaters"
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